Because of Covid-19 precautions, Santa will glove and maintain social distancing as much as possible but only wear a mask if specifically requested.


Santa Tyre has spent over for 18 years visiting client's homes, where he now sees second generation children. Having Santa come to your home is a wondrous thing for young and old alike. Here are some quick tips to making this the very best party or visit possible.

  • Make certain Santa has an assigned in home contact
  • Pets may be needed to be isolated in a closed room
  • Have all your devices charged and ready for photos
  • Let Santa know your exact schedule as to when to arrive

The holidays are the perfect time for companies to show employees and their families how much you care about them. This allows Santa a peek into some of the awesome ways companies party down and organize a corporate holiday party. Here are some tips to make your company party a success.

  • Remember your employees have families with children
  • Get away from the office and plan an outside venue
  • Plan a photo booth and holiday props for remembrance
  • Hire a Santa to top off the event with gifts and cheer

Having a Santa come to visit daycare children can be a wondrous event in their lives. That is why it is so important that you hire the right Santa for your special day. Special planning will make the child care Santa Clause visit a special day for the children.

  • Arrange for photos to be taken with each child
  • Have Santa give out candy and gifts to the children
  • Establish the Christmas spirit with decorations
  • Allow Santa Claus to interact with the Children

One of the great childhood mysteries is the relationship between Jesus and Santa Claus. The relationship is about the spirit of generosity and being present to for one and another. Santa Tyre believes in the reason for the season in that it honors Jesus through gift giving as the three wise men brought gifts to Baby Jesus.

  • Allow Santa to lead a Christmas prayer for the baby Jesus
  • Have Santa read the Christmas story or sing Christmas carols
  • Make Jesus and the Nativity the center of a Childrens Santa Party
  • The most important thing is to have fun! The kids will love it, and remember it always

There are many things to do to celebrate the holidays, from festivals to holiday concerts and special museum visits. In addition to Christmas parades and parties there are tree lightings, Christmas bunches, dinners and balls. Don't forget to include Santa in all these events

  • Santa can help with event planning and logistics
  • Santa has recommended vendors for photography and catering
  • A surprise Santa can be the highlite of any Christmas event
  • Rent Santa Tyre for the best christmas event ever!
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Pricing and Booking

Make your season bright with a real bearded Santa Claus for all of your Christmas and Holiday Events, Home & Office Parties
Let Santa Tyre bring the spirit and excitement of the holiday season to your special event! He has had years of experience and will make your event a memorable one for both children and adults. Santa Tyre loves what he does and is dedicated to being the "Best Santa Claus" for your event! From large corporate holiday bashes to an intimate gathering with family and friends, no Christmas party is complete without Santa Claus.

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